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Our Team

A dedicated bunch of trans individuals

united by the mission to create a more inclusive world.

Org Values

Intentional Inclusion

While diverse perspectives can add power and value to communities, inclusion should never be haphazard. We clearly define each space's purpose and processes, enabling informed and empowered engagement for each individual.


We focus on elevating trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming communities through economic empowerment. This lifts well-being, agency, and self-worth. Our narrow focus complements a wider ecosystem of empowerment initiatives.


We foster authenticity, internally and externally, creating safer spaces for deeper connections and growth.


Our commitment to foundational principles, like individual growth, respect, and empathy, drives transformative change. We value deep-rooted, process-based impact over quick fixes.


Unity is strength. By collaborating with trans individuals, experts, allies, and other organizations, we build a network driving systemic change. Collaborators define the terms of engagement, fostering mutual value exchange.

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