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Our 'Why'

“Everyone has the right to work,

to free choice of employment,

to just and favourable conditions

of work and to protection

against unemployment.”

- Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Article 23

Our business was born out of the need to address the disconnect between the trans community and the private sector.


Right now, a wedge exists between trans employees and those who work alongside us. This powerful disconnect is fueled by misinformation, disinformation, self consciousness and the fear of making harmful mistakes.

This barrier to easeful connection and collaboration holds all individuals back from full participation in their work, and their organisations back from achieving their greater missions.


Those of minority genders experience the most significant impact. Transgender and gender non-conforming individuals make, on average, approximately 50% of the median income of the general population.


Every Gender will act as a communication bridge between the trans community and the organisations seeking to employ us. Our aim is to support the organisations we work with to create environments where every employee can arrive at work with confidence.


We want to see workplaces with honourable and ambitious missions finding true power and the ability to achieve amazing things - because the world needs it, and because that’s what’s beautiful.

What We Do

We are addressing inequity for gender minorities in employment by participating in organisational development conversations, and delivering trans competency education.

Oil and Water


  • Diagnostics and Strategy

  • Policy and Process

  • Employee Led Network Development

Oil and Water


  • Gender and Gender Expression

  • Transition Literacy

  • Actual Allyship

  • Making Mistakes

Oil and Water

Tailored Support

  • One on One Coaching

  • Webinars

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Bespoke resource creation

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