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Building a Better Internet

We have all encountered online transphobia and responded in various ways, from blocking and deleting comments to diving into online debates. While those actions might give us a bit of satisfaction, we recognise the need for more effective strategies to combat this hate speech.

We were the lucky recipients of a solid chunk of grant funding and have partnered with the powerful Tauiwi Tautoko, - a volunteer-based organisation dedicated to anti-racism efforts online. Together we are comparing notes, exchanging resources, and developing a comprehensive suite of online anti transphobia tools, strategies, and resources.

Our goal is to provide accessible tools for everyone advocating for trans rights. Many of the resources we create will be freely available to the public, including things like:

  • infographics

  • conversation strategies

  • back pocket fact sheets

  • supportive language guides

  • maybe even a zine if we get really carried away.

People in professional environments face unique challenges, however, and will require specialized supports. Professionals in HR, senior leadership, DEI and other such roles engage with people of hugely varied life experiences and ideologies, and are often in positions where they need to represent an entire organisation in their allyship practices.

To support professionals on the front lines of workplace allyship, we’re developing an e-learning product that will equip you with the skills to navigate difficult conversations safely and effectively, and with the highest chance of shifting viewpoints to ones with greater empathy and understanding.

The impact of these tools for your organisation will be a more robust and resilient workforce, along with a strengthened public profile. This collective effort not only benefits your organisation but also enhances our ability as a community to combat the significant issue of online transphobia.

We're searching for 5 organizations to receive the complete set of these innovative products and resources for FREE! The application process closes on January 31, 2024. Successful applicants will be announced on February 29, 2024, celebrating the end of LGBT History Month.

If you're ready to join the initiative, hit the link below to apply for the giveaway. Share where you are in your trans inclusion efforts and how these products could be a game-changer for you.

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